Why Paul Ryan Will Make Or Break Romney’s Campaign

With Mitt Romney trying to make a strong case as to why he should be president of the United States, every decision he makes during the campaign is going to come under extreme scrutiny. There is not a decision more important than his selection of running mate.

With Romney picking Paul Ryan as his choice for vice president, there is a lot at stake in his decision. The Wisconsin congressman is a favorite among conservatives, but there is no question that Romney already has those votes locked up. The trick is going (more…)

Common Sense Can Help You Avoid Common Sales Traps

Most of us have been lured at some time or other by sales pitches that offer savings too good to pass up. Whether it’s someone ‘in the neighbourhood’ repaving driveways, landscaping, tree trimming, or selling home alarms or energy products, there are things to be aware of before handing over any money or signing any contract, especially at the door. Go to http://www.avoidenergyscams.com/ to get more tips on how to avoid energy scams.
We’ve heard or read about the person who answered the door, or turned the channel, to a quick talking sales person super passionate about why you should act “now” to avoid “missing out”. Common scenarios include the contractor, let’s say an alarm installer, who’s in the neighbourhood “for a limited time” and can only offer the discounted price “today”. Say yes and they can even install it tonight! Don’t forget the added accessories and options. Funny how the price drops as your hesitation increases. Same goes for someone offering to repave your driveway or trim your trees. If you’re buying into a TV ad, be sure you familiarize yourself with the return policy.
Although it may not always turn out to be a negative experience, be wary of contractors claiming to be in the neighborhood with leftover materials they can offer you for a “bargain”. Often, the bargain results in a rip-off when you end up having paid for the service, but the contractor never starts the project or leaves behind shoddy or incomplete work. Lesson here is, never pay in full until the job is complete and proper. If possible, do not offer any payment until the job is finished entirely. A little bit of work on your part – researching the company, following up on references – may very well pre-empt a lot more work and grief over a poor job or undelivered service. You may even end up spending more money to correct it.
Also, consider that fly-by-night operations may not have insurance or the proper credentials, which means that if they hurt themselves while working on your property, they may come after you to pay. Again, take the time to do your research. Verify their liability, workers’ compensation insurance, and certification credentials.
Don’t worry about “missing out” on the limited time opportunity: if the company is reputable and legitimate, they won’t be put off by your due diligence, or by having to send their equipment back to correct a problem. Don’t let high-pressure, last-minute scenarios force you to go against your better judgement. Go with your gut, it’s usually right.
Beware also of those who offer to complete a purchase/service without charging you tax. Often, this means you won’t be given a receipt, and therefore nothing to substantiate the purchase if issues do arise.
Bottom line, if something seems too good to be true, it likely is. Let common sense prevail and don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ if you’re simply not interested in what someone is trying to sell you. This is especially true at the door. Countless times, people blame the aggressive sales tactics of door to door vendors for being ‘forced’ into making a purchase. If you find the behaviour to be aggressive, record their identity, and report it to the company they represent. If you’re not comfortable, thank them for the pitch and close the door.

How The Affordable Care Act Actually Affects Small Business

Healthcare reform, and the impact it has made on small businesses and employers, may not be an issue that you can afford to ignore. Lacking an understanding of hot-button issues and the new developments and political efforts that may impact your life style and business more directly can be a serious oversight, one that you may not be able to afford making. Finding and making use of the best news and information sites and services will ensure that you are able to (more…)

War on Women’s Health Rights, Abortion and Contraception

Today’s young women cannot remember a time when abortions were illegal and when women seeking one were forced to go to back-alley butchers who jeopardized their lives and reproductive futures. They can’t fathom going to a doctor and being denied birth control, or having to prove they were married in order to get a prescription for the Pill. But since the GOP declared its War on Women, these scenarios loom just beyond the upcoming presidential election. Women can no longer afford to be (more…)

Who Are Mitt Romney’s Forty Seven Percent of Americans?

If Mitt Romney has the support of 47 percent of American voters, who are they? The people who want this country to change for the better are who support Romney. They are the older Americans who are tired of losing their jobs to foreign companies. The younger people of America who want to lower unemployment and improve the economy are part of the 47 percent of people who support Romney. He has the support of the middle class. These (more…)

Popular Vote Versus Electoral College: Which Should Determine Elections?

There have been two instances in American history where a seemingly illogical result has occurred in a presidential election: the candidate with fewer popular votes became president. This has happened because presidents are not elected by the popular vote. The Constitution requires that presidents be elected by electors from each state. The candidate who wins the popular vote in a particular state wins that state’s electors. It takes 270 Electoral votes to become president.

In 1876, Democrat Samuel J. Tilden won the popular (more…)

Vice Presidential Debates: Discovering If They Affect Election Outcomes

Judging from the first Presidential debate, the impression that candidates make during these ninety minutes has the potential to influence election outcomes. At the very least, this is what candidates are hoping for, we see this when the day following the debate, each of the opposing sides claims the victory for their candidate. One cannot deny that the results from the Presidential debate showed a victory for the right, Romney was confident, assertive, and very well prepared. Many Democrats were disappointed with the performance of the President, an opportunity that Republicans took to gain on undecided voters.Additional information can (more…)

Alaskan Wildlife Preservation, Oil Drilling, and Pipeline Construction

There has been controversy over the drilling in Alaska since it became a state in 1959. When Alaska first was selected for its statehood, politicians selected a mere third of the wilderness to be for development. Several acres were then set aside as National Parks. The wildlife preservation areas expanded to over one hundred and four acres million acres once the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act was passed by President Jimmy Carter in 1980. Since the act was passed, however, oil and gas consumption have become more pressing issues in the United States. (more…)